GYFF Workshop


The GYFF Workshop is a full-day event during which students have a chance to learn from and interact with professionals in the film industry as well as film students and teachers from other high schools. 


The goal of the workshop is to help the students prepare to make their films not only for the film festival but also in college and beyond. 



Our hope is that the students will be encouraged and excited to tell their stories and to learn the technology, the skills, and the power of creative expression.

2018 Workshop wAS held ON November 15, 2017


Presentations at the 2017 workshop (held 11/15/16) were:


  • The Screenplay and Story Arc – Ian Abrams.  Click here to view the PowerPoint from his session. ​                                                                                                                       

  • Lights, Lenses, and the ‘Film Look’ – Pat Ganley & Dave Lamm of PWPvideo. Pat is Director of Postproduction and Dave is Director of Production.  Click here to view their session.                                                                                                                            

  • Audio versus Video – Joe DiVita from Drexel. Click here to view his session.                 

  • From Concept to Pre-Production –  Tammy Tiehel-Stedman. Tammy is co-producer of the feature film “Slow Learners” along with Tommy Joyner, Jamie Lokoff, and Brian O’Connor. Watch Tammy’s presentation here.                                                                  

  • Documentary - Marty Zied. Marty is Senior Producer for the Paul F. Harron studios at Drexel University and is currently working on “Voice Messages,” a documentary on the human voice. Watch Marty's Presentation here.                                                               

  • Audio Engineering Workshop – Tommy Joyner, founder of MilkBoy the Studio.  Tommy is co-producer of the feature film “Slow Learners” with Tammy Tiehel-Stedman, Jamie Lokoff, and Brian O’Connor.Click here for his presentation. 



Presentations at the 2015 workshop (held in November 2014) were:

  • Keynote: Things Lead To Things - Jeff Schock, award winning producer/director of hundreds of music videos and whose clients have included Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, James Taylor, Luther Vandross and Kenny Loggins
  • The Story: A Filmmaker's Best Friend - Chris Fetchko, writer/director of films released by Warner Brothers, Shoreline Entertainment, etc.
  • Time-lapse - Daniel Innovate, whose roles have included pre-production writing, directing and varied roles as Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Editor and Colorist.
  • Tips & Tricks to Get Your Story Across - Pat Ganley & Dave Lamm, Director of Postproduction and Director Production at PWPvideo. Click here to view their session and click here for their handout.
  • Advocacy Filmmaking: Documentaries in the Social Justice Tradition - John O’Leary & Steve McWilliams, professors at Villanova University Communications Department and co-founders of Villanova's award-winning Social Justice Documentary Program. Click here to view their session.
  • Tips on Developing, Pre-producing and Producing your Short Film - Tammy Tiehel-Stedman & Marty Zied, Academy and Emmy award winning producers/directors


   Awards night         april 24, 2019                 7 pm


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