rules for submission 2021-22

- Due date March 11, 2022 by 6:00 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS


- Students must complete ALL questions on the submission form.  


- Send any and all copyright information, permission emails, and websites for royalty-free music/film clips, etc. to  Subject line of the email should be the title of the film and must be received by March 12. 


- ​The title of the film on submission form MUST match the title of the film EXACTLY. The title should only include the name of the film, NOT the filmmaker name, school, etc.


- Films may be no more than 6 minutes including credits


- Films must be in the following format:

  • HD Videos : H.264 - 1080p 29.97
  • SD Videos : Windows Media - NTSC Widescreen or Quicktime – NTSC Widescreen

- Films may not show any blatant drug use, violence, nudity or profanity. 


-Any audio/visual not produced by the students must have written permission from the artist or be from a free use website. 


Failure to adhere to these rules will result in disqualification


Suggested sites for usable material:

Rubric for Semifinal Round

Rubric for Final Round

5-10 Second Clip

A montage will be made up of many of the films submitted to the festival.   Please submit a 5-10 second clip of the BEST part of your film so that we can include it!


- Picture or computer-generated artwork promoting your film

- Photoshop setup: 24 inches width x 36 inches length 300 Resolution

- Include film title

2018 Poster Winner Tyler Vokes, OJR HS

group project

The group project is optional for each participating school. 



Each school may submit up to 3 films by March 10, 2021.


Films should be no more than 60 seconds and must include the name of the school superimposed over the first 5 seconds. 


The group project should be a PSA - something you wish people knew. Like when people always ask you stupid questions about something going on in your life - getting into college, about the sports team you play on that loses every game, or any other message that you think is important but people don't seem to get!


The GYFF T-shirt and Poster Contest is a competition that is held each year to select artwork that will be used to publicize the Film Festival.  Students from participating schools are invited to submit artwork to be considered for use in the publicity of the festival.


• Art should only contain the original work of the entrant


• Either black and white or color entries are acceptable. If using color, the image must be limited to 3 colors


• Entry must include the following information:
   - Greenfield Youth Film Festival
   - Upper Dublin High School Performing Arts Center
   - Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 7 pm

   Awards night         april 27, 2022                7 PM


2020 Winning T-shirt

Leo Gualtieri, SLA

2020 Winning Poster

Rebekah Sheaffer, UDHS

2019 Winning T-shirt
Josh Asaraf, UDHS

2019 Winning Poster

Amaris Carrasquillo, CAPA

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