2021 WORKSHOP - 11/18/2020 (Zoom) 

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Basics of Screenwriting for TV and Film - Drawing from our own favorite movies and tv shows, we’ll explore what makes a story compelling then discuss how to tell those stories using basic principles of screenplay structure. Watch session HERE

Basic Color Correction - How to Color Correct Your Footage Like a Pro Using any Editing Software - Color correction is one of the best tools filmmakers have for enhancing their visuals and increasing production value. In this session we will explore simple techniques you can apply in any editing or color software to get professional results with your footage.

Breaking Down a Scene - How to break down a scene as a director, discuss the decisions and even mistakes made as a director and what was going on behind the scenes that led to those decisions. This will be an interesting window into the process of filmmaking.  Watch the session HERE

Digital Film Effects, The Do's and Don'ts - Want to include amazing, and fun film effects into your next project? Of course you do! In this class we'll see how film and video effects can either help or hinder your next project. Spoiler Alert: We'll discuss more about the 'why' and less about the 'How-to'. Okay, maybe a little 'How-to'.

Directing Talent - In this workshop we will explore some of the key aspects needed to obtain a great performance from your talent. We’ll dive into what it takes to get both professional and non-professional talent comfortable on set and tips for creating a set environment that’s both professional and fun.  We’ll also focus on documentary interviews and how to engage with your talent in an authentic way, to help them shine on camera.

Exploring Identity and Preserving Culture in Documentary Filmmaking, at Home or Abroad How do you make a documentary about culture and why is it important? How do you get it done in the age of covid-19?  Watch session HERE

Film Pre-ProductionThere’s the famous filmmaking saying, “we can fix it in post!” But planning in pre-production can save you hours of headaches and make you look like a rockstar. We’ll cover script breakdowns, shot lists, storyboards, talent and crew release forms, clearances, b-roll, and more in this workshop! We will also talk about how COVID-19 has changed production this year and steps that producers are taking to ensure their set is safe for everyone involved! 

How to Make a Genre Movie in your Bedroom, Living Room or Wherever Using a Green Screen- Part 1 - Introduce the methods and techniques of filming a movie against a green screen using miniatures as sets and props.  We will delve into camera placement, simple lighting and how to capture sound.

How to Make a Genre Movie in your Bedroom, Living Room or Wherever Using a Green Screen- Part 2 - Delve into post production.  We will learn how to edit the footage shot against green screen, how to add background and foreground elements and how to add sound.

Lighting for Film with Common Household Items Don't have a budget for expensive professional lighting, but you have a house full of stuff? Perfect! We'll learn the basic professional film lighting fundamentals with light fixtures, and other things you may find around the house.

Storytelling through ScreenwritingScreenwriting can seem like a mysterious process that only “writers” can figure out. But we are all storytellers, and the best scripts are really just simple stories, well-told. In this workshop, writer/director Doug Keith will talk about the key aspects of compelling stories. Submit your story ideas in advance and several will be selected for discussion during the session.

Screenwriting Q & A - this will be an opportunity for you to bring your story ideas to a professional and get your questions answered.  From getting started to finding representation, to the craft itself, Andrew is happy to field quesions on any aspect of the screenwriting profession.  This will be most productive for all if you submit questions in advance.

Screenwriting Tips from the Hollywood Trenches: - How to finally begin that screenplay you've been meaning to write.

Sound for Picture Application - Tools and Technicques to Get the Most From the Least - Now that you know a little about the impact of sound and how it’s come to be, let’s discuss how to get better sound using either what you have on hand or by adding some items within a budget.

Sound for Picture Basics - From Theater Organs to Audio Production Teams​ - A brief history of how sound was added to and impacted films. Expect to also learn about how directors and producers work with audio and some tools of the trade and terminology.

The Movie is Made in the EditA cool action scene? A good acting performance? Turning truth into a lie? Sure, you need some elements, but most of the magic actually happens in editing. What’s more – editing can make a low budget movie become as effective as a big budget movie. Join us and let’s talk about the techniques, tricks and theories of film editing – learn how to harness some of the power - for good or evil! 

Transforming Page to ScreenCovered will be the dynamics of transforming page to screen and ways to translate the written word into visual language that is both motivated and exciting for viewers. Coaching performers through the acting process on and off screen. Also covered will be the proper ways to problem solve.

Using a Beat Sheet to Transform Your Short Film Idea into a Screenplay - Many of the greatest short films follow a similar structure - one that is proven to engage and entertain audiences. This lesson breaks down this winning formula through the use of a simple beat sheet, which can be used to structure virtually any short film concept.

                 Presenter bios

Stefan Avalosa filmmaker who enjoys jumping between genres and job descriptions. Among some of his movies, his psychological thriller, The Last Broadcast made history as the first feature to be released digitally to theaters. His 2017 documentary, Strad Style won over thirteen national and international “best of” awards, including the Audience Award and the Grand Prize for Best Feature Documentary at the Slamdance Film Festival. His newest movie, in preproduction, is about the true story of one of the biggest bank heists ever in Australia – all done with an ATM card. 

Seun Babalola Oluwaseun Babalola is a producer and director based in New York City. She created the company DO Global Productions to pursue her passions for Black and African content.


In 2016, she launched ṢOJU, an award-winning documentary series celebrating youth culture in Africa. The series was filmed in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Botswana, and Spain. In November 2018, she co- launched an initiative to support capacity building in creative industries in Lagos, Nigeria. Her media initiatives within Africa placed her as a cohort of Global Startup Ecosystems’ Africa Digital Accelerator. Oluwaseun travels with her films, speaking at institutions and universities about the importance of documentary as cultural preservation. She is also a 2020 cohort of the inaugural Creative Producer Indaba Residency, hosted by EAVE, Realness Institute, IFFR Pro and Sundance Institute.

Oluwaseun has been producer on CNN’s United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell, CNBC’s Streets of Dreams, and the feature documentary Picture A Scientist, a 2020 Tribeca Film Festival selection. Her photography is part of the 2020 shadomag photo exhibition of female photographers, I Am A Woman: Global Womxnhood which showed in London. She is currently producing a feature documentary for HBO.

Andrew Barrer - is best known for his work on the Marvel movies ANT-MAN and ANT-MAN AND THE WASP. He’s also the writer of the horror movie, HAUNT, and producer of the horror anthology, HOLIDAYS. His upcoming work includes DIE IN A GUNFIGHT, an animated prequel to the TRANSFORMERS franchise, and a film adaptation of YOUNG BLOOD, based on his Amazon Original Stories novella of the same title

Keith Giosaa multi-instrumentalist performer, musical director, composer, arranger, producer, sound designer and engineer with nearly 25 years professional experience. For roughly 10 of those years, he has been writing for libraries, TV pilots, and film. Keith has most recently joined the team at a Red Flight Pictures, overseeing the Sound Department fulfilling the role covering all aspects of audio. Red Flight's 2019 film, The Boy Hero, has gone on to be selected into several festivals internationally and earned itself a number of awards. He is also part of the programming team for the Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival in Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Doug Keith- has been writing and directing short films, music videos, documentaries and PSA's for more than 20 years. He has also served as a judge for the Greenfield Youth Film Festival.

Noam Krolla micro-budget narrative filmmaker & creative entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles. Over the past decade his personal filmmaking blog (noamkroll.com) has grown into a burgeoning resource for DIY creatives, spawning a popular podcast (Show, Don't Tell) and newsletter (micro-budget weekly), which collectively reach millions of filmmakers each year. He also runs the commercial production company Creative Rebellion, as well as cinecolor.io - an online store in the post-production space. Currently, he is in development for his third feature film which is slated to shoot in summer 2021.

Dave Lamm​graduated with a BA in Film and Video from Penn State. He has worked freelance for film and TV. In recent years he has been a full time staffer for PWPvideo. A Philadelphia based production company that specializes in short-form pieces for non-profit, educational, and human services organizations.

Leslie Rivera​ - Stories, entertainment, movie magic and the search for truth.  Those are the things that drive Puerto Rico born writer/director Leslie Rivera to create uniquely entertaining narratives. For Les, each project is an opportunity to push his chosen art form further, to explore the human condition and to leave a mark on the fabric of the world.

A winner of the Philadelphia Film Festival’s Philly Pitch and a Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab semi-finalist, Les has made myriad short films and documentaries. He is an avid educator of low budget filmmaking techniques, believing it is through hard work, mistakes, repetition, failures and self reflection that a filmmaker learns and gets better at their craft. He has taught multiple master workshops for various organizations including the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. 

His YouTube channel, Les El Blatino Cineninja, is full of video tutorials that teach movie magic. Les' latest feature film is the award winning "Papi Ramirez vs Giant Scorpions", which was shot in a rental storage unit using green-screen, miniature props and sets, and stock footage to create a quirky, campy, retro cinematic look for an entertaining story about the lengths a soon-to-be-father will go for his child. 

Roman Santacroce​ - 1st Assistant Director Directors Guild of America. Roman Santa Croce is a native Pennsylvanian who has worked in the industry for a little over a decade. After graduating from Temple University with a BA in Film and Media Arts he took his journey westward to California. He began his early career work in Los Angeles, CA working production on numerous television shows including Bones, True Blood, and Perception. The experience on these sets as well as numerous others helped expand Roman’s directorial experience and advance him into the DGA (Directors Guild of America).


Once attaining status within the DGA Roman took his career to Atlanta, GA. Since arriving in the city Roman has had the privilege of working on several large productions. Some of these productions include The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Doom Patrol, and The Outsider. Roman’s role as an Assistant Director has provided him with key experiences on working with actors, designing shots, and leading essential crew members.


Within the last year Roman has had the opportunity to expand his directorial knowledge into his own projects and further hone his craft utilizing union crews and actors. Roman still currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two dogs.

Sheela Shrinivas​an Emmy Award-winning, Annie-nominated writer currently staffed on DreamWorks/Netflix's Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. She has written for such
animated shows as Netflix's Pinky Malinky, and Nickelodeon's Sanjay and Craig, The Loud House, and its spinoff, Los Casagrandes. Her work has also appeared in the New York Times and Reductress. Hailing from St. Louis, Sheela is a graduate of USC's film school, where she won the Edward Small Writing Scholarship and was nominated for a Humanitas Student Fellowship. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Sheela did improv, sketch, and standup in New York City, and worked as a teacher and at nonprofits around the world, including India and Spain.

Matt Spicer - Matt Spicer graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2006.  In 2007, his first script, THE ORNATE ANATOMY OF LIVING THINGS, co-written by Max Winkler, landed on The Black List and was optioned by Fox Searchlight. At the age of 25, he produced his first feature film, CEREMONY, and sold his first spec script, THE ADVENTURER'S HANDBOOK, co-written by Max Winkler and Jonah Hill, to Universal Pictures.  In 2013, his short film, IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME, starring Gillian Jacobs, Fran Kranz and Rob Huebel, premiered at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival and was released by JASH, a comedy network created by Micahel Cera, Tim & Eric, Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts. His first feature as director, INGRID GOES WEST, starring Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen and O'Shea Jackson Jr., premiered in competition at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival where it won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for Best Screenplay, alongside co-writer David Branson Smith. The film was also awarded the 2018 Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. 


Melody TashMelody Tash has been working professionally in video, film and theater in a variety of capacities– from directing, producing, writing, art directing, acting, editing, filming and teaching– for over a decade. Her cinematography has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, TLC, Nick, CSPAN and billboard.com among other places. Her work as art director for History Making Production’s Fever: 1793 was recognized with a Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy®. And her short film Hallow Gate (co-written and produced with Jessica Graham and co-starring Amina Robinson) was selected for distribution by Seed&Spark. 
Melody is the president of Cinema Quilt, a full service production company that works with clients from concept through to final film.

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